DSP Amp for Professional Sound: AXTON A540DSP in Test

DSP Amp for Professional Sound: AXTON A540DSP in Test

Sensational at the price, is the verdict of German Car & Hifi magazine (01/2019) on AXTON’s 4-channel DSP amplifier, rating it as a ‘Practical Tip’.

With the compact DSP amps A530DSP and A580DSP the traditional brand AXTON was already a pioneer years ago in the area of Plug & Play upgrades for factory radios. Now with the 4-channel A540DSP power amp comes the launch of the next generation – with Bluetooth music streaming also onboard. The German Car & Hifi magazine has tested the newcomer in issue 01/2019, and was at once enthusiastic about the performance, comprehensive features and simple operation via smartphone app together with the attractive price. “Small, handsome and at an unbeatable price”, say the testers, awarding the A540DSP the ‘Practical Tip’ accolade.

Exactly like its predecessor model, the A540DSP aims to make the sound upgrade from a factory radio as simple and as fast as possible. Without modifying the original system the AXTON is simply looped in with the Plug & Play wiring loom between the radio and speakers. In the opinion of the testers the installation effort required is as minimal as it is effective: “If desired you can also use the RCA sockets of which four channels are available as inputs and five channels as outputs. This allows you to easily fit a subwoofer or one or more power amps and speakers at a later upgrade.”

AXTON’s new amplifier with digital sound processor scored high marks with the testers with its versatile setting options for using DSP to adjust the sound: “The main menu offers equalization, time alignment, gain and phase, as well as electronic crossovers. The noise gate and the bass-expander are incorporated for gain and EQ (…) For the sub 5 EQ bands are sufficient. The first four channels have optionally 10 or even 31 parametric bands. Time alignment and 24-dB-bandpass crossovers complete the configuration.”
Especially the convenient control via the mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android, thoroughly won over the tech journalists: “Everything can be conveniently controlled on a smartphone, with the little AXTON accurately executing all the commands of the DSP.”

“In the lab the little AXTON showed itself in a thoroughly positive light. “It delivers 30 watts to its four channels with pleasingly little distortion” is how Car & Hifi describes the performance of the DSP power amp in the sound lab. And when the A540DSP fires up the factory speakers the testers observed: “There is a decent dynamic push, and voices and instruments are clearly heard. Drums are enjoyable, and with rock-and pop music there is nothing to grumble about with the sound. If the DSP power is properly utilized, a very respectable sound can be conjured up with the little AXTON.”

“The AXTON A540DSP is an unbeatable offer. It will win many friends as it makes it so easy and so effective to beef up the sound of factory speakers. “Getting Bluetooth streaming thrown in for this price is sensational”, according to the summary of the Car & Hifi editors, awarding AXTON’s new DSP amplifier the ‘Practical tip’ accolade.

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