healthbank 2.0 launched

healthbank has developed a new version of its health data platform – new functions make healthbank even better, safer and easier to use – new partners are integrated

The health data platform healthbank continues to grow rapidly. The next milestone in this development is the launch of the new healthbank v2.0 healthcare platform. In a completely new architectural approach, security was raised to the highest level through end-to-end encryption and the range of functions for users was further expanded. The health platform is now optimally designed to integrate further partners and applications from the health sector quickly, efficiently and highly securely.

“With the introduction of healthbank 2.0 we ensure that our users’ health data is kept absolutely safe and that users have full control over their health data,” explains Schegg, CEO of healthbank. “In recent months we have developed a new version of our health data platform, which offers many new functions and is safer, better and easier to use for users.
healthbank 2.0 is based on a completely new security architecture with end-to-end encryption, adds Schegg. “This means that the health data is encrypted on the user’s personal device (PC, laptop or mobile phone) before it is transferred to healthbank’s cloud systems. This is a completely new way of safely storing health data and will bring about more trust and protection in the population.”
Upcoming projects
With the new software architecture and the implemented security mechanisms,
healthbank is now ready to connect further partners and applications with a healthbank account, says Schegg. The following projects are also in the pipeline:
-The two award-winning apps “CatchMyPain” and “PainCompanion” will soon be integrated into the healthbank. Users suffering from severe or chronic pain can benefit from the long-term pain documentation in the future and continue to share their experiences and thoughts. All generated pain data is securely stored in the healthbank account.
-healthbank works closely with the Swiss app developer “Rehaptix”. Rehaptix monitors the rehabilitation of patients with motor disabilities due to a neurological injury such as stroke, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease. All data generated in the app is securely stored in the healthbank and can also be passed on to other people.
-healthbank plans to integrate fitness trackers into the healthbank in the near future. With this service users can connect their fitness tracker with the healthbank. And if a user changes the tracker, this will no longer be a problem in the future – the data and the connection to the healthbank will remain intact.

“With the new version of healthbank, our users can securely share their data with recipients of their choice in the future – and, if they are interested, they can participate in research projects worldwide or make their health data available to research institutions,” explains Schegg.

About healthbank
healthbank is the world’s first citizen-owned, neutral and independent health data transaction platform that enables people to share their data in a secure and privacy compliant way with other partners. healthbank connects data sources of all kinds from the entire health sector and rewards participants to share their health data for research purposes. Based in Switzerland, healthbank stands for Swiss neutrality, trust and data protection and enables participating citizens, researchers and organisations with large amounts of data to network with each other. Thus, the value of health and medical data can be optimally tapped on this independent, global health platform. healthbank promotes innovations in health care, from prevention to cure, at a more reasonable price and of better quality, for the benefit of individuals and society.

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