healthbank enters into partnership with Sanovation

Health database platform healthbank gains over 200,000 additional users with pain diary apps from Sanovation

Merger of two Swiss start-ups in the digital health sector. With the cooperation of the health data platforms healthbank from Baar and Sanovation AG from Zug, the users of the two innovative start-ups will receive a multitude of new possibilities with their health data.

Sanovation brings over 200,000 registered users of its pain diary apps “CatchMyPain” and “Pain-Companion” into the partnership. healthbank in return
offers users a highly secure storage for health data under their full control and an innovative data exchange platform. As a central agency for individuals, health service providers and researchers, healthbank increases the quality of care and lowers global health costs.

“The partnership with Sanovation is a further step towards a successful future for healthbank,” explains Reto Schegg, CEO of healthbank. “With this partnership, users of the award-winning ‘CatchMyPain’ and ‘Pain Companion’ apps will be absolutely certain that their health data is not only safe and in full control. Users can also share data with recipients of their choice – participate in research projects worldwide and make their data available to research institutions. You will even be rewarded.”

One in five adults suffers from chronic pain
Today, according to Sanovation, one in five adults suffers from chronic pain. The aim of the intelli-gent pain diary “CatchMyPain” is to enable a detailed, ongoing recording of pain samples. With “Pain Companion”, users can find similar patients by comparing the pain diaries, who can exchange information directly with each other or in a community. Thanks to the two Sanovation Apps, patients and their doctors and therapists receive a meaningful communication tool, especially through long-term recording.

The analysis of a large number of pain diaries, if users allow it, will lead to new findings in pain medicine. Reto Schegg adds: “The knowledge about chronic pain is currently scattered on many paper archives of doctors, therapists and hospitals. This makes it practically impossible to systematically compare and analyze pain cases. The cooperation between Sanovation and healthbank can signifi-cantly improve this problem. For Sanovation CEO and Chairman of the Board Roman Haag, this could improve the quality of life of millions of patients worldwide. In addition, administrative processes and treatments become more efficient and thus more cost-effective. “The cooperation with healthbank will improve the situation of chronic pain patients in the long term. On the other hand, we see great potential in the integration of additional data sources such as medication or fitness data, which is only made possible by the cooperation with healthbank. Haag explains. With the new basic data protection regulation of the European Union (GDPR), the cooperation makes an important contribution to the data protection of users. According to Reto Schegg, “CatchMyPain” and “Pain Companion” are just two of many applications that will be running on the healthbank platform in the future and with which users can manage their health data, explains Reto Schegg.

About Sanovation AG
The pain diary CatchMyPain is developed and maintained by the Swiss start-up Sanovation AG in Zug. Sanovation was founded in November 2011 and since then works exclusively on CatchMyPain. The idea for CatchMyPain came from the pain story of a co-founder. The application is primarily aimed at people with chronic pain who feel similar pain over a longer period of time. The vision of Sanovation AG is to help individual users on the basis of all collected user data by com-paring symptoms and making recommendations.

About healthbank
healthbank is the world’s first citizen-owned, neutral and independent health data transaction platform that enables peo-ple to share their data in a secure and privacy compliant way with other partners. healthbank connects data sources of all kinds from the entire health sector and rewards participants to share their health data for research purposes. Based in Switzerland, healthbank stands for Swiss neutrality, trust and data protection and enables participating citizens, research-ers and organisations with large amounts of data to network with each other. Thus, the value of health and medical data can be optimally tapped on this independent, global health platform. healthbank promotes innovations in health care, from prevention to cure, at a more reasonable price and of better quality, for the benefit of individuals and society.

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