Networking across borders

Networking is a fundamental contributor to success

Contacts are very important nowadays. The right contacts are often the key to a successful business. Finding those useful contacts is called “networking”. With growing competition in all industries it is essential to build up contacts throughout different branches. The more contacts the better. Often people or companies like to work with other people who they have already met, rather than relying on strangers.

Contacts to all different types of branches can be useful, even though they may not seem like it in the beginning, says Rieta de Soet, CEO of Global Management Consultants AG in Zug, Switzerland.

Networking seems to become more popular, there are events just for the purpose of connecting with potential business partners and also websites with the same purpose. “Easy networking” is designed for people and companies in certain branches, so that they connect with the right people, which is a win/win-situation for both sides.

Rieta de Soet speaks from experience. She has successfully managed GMC Business Centers for more than 25 years and met a lot of people and companies along the way. A lot of companies started at GMC AG and kept growing from there, but the contacts still remain after they expanded their company outside of the Business Center. This is also a good opportunity for companies that decide to work with Global Management Consultants AG, because GMC AG can easily connect it`s clients with their contacts, adds Rieta de Soet.

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