TryMeet launching in Europe

Unique dating app that look beyond the conventional and broke online dating.

Way back in the 1690″s, British newspapers witnessed the very first appearance of personal advertisements. Now, in this age of technology, the internet has revolutionized the idea of dating. It can be said without a single doubt that media and technology have provided people with the means to broadcast their desires and to get connected with others.

Over the years, many dating websites and apps have been launched; some have been effective while some were just utter wastage of time. A question arises that is there really a need for another dating app to get launched in an already saturated market? Well, there is, only and only if it is different than others!

Talking about different…TryMeet is a unique dating app that has made an attempt to look beyond the conventional and broken methods of online dating.

Before the launch, any company can claim that their dating app/website is different. And this is where one has to look at the roadmap of that particular dating app – if it is simply making “matches” and requires from the people to initiate chats and dates, what is so different about it?

What Makes TryMeet a Distinctive Dating App?
It is an innovative free dating app that allows you to browse other singles and send/receive date offers. TryMeet offers free membership with absolutely no hidden fees. In order to find the perfect match, a user gets free unlimited swipes. The most likable aspect of using TryMeet dating app is that there are no long and “heading towards nowhere” type of chats – it provides an exceptional new online dating experience that solely emphasizes on setting-up dates instead of just matches.

When a user sends a date offer, it includes venue, time & date, menu choice, activities etc. If a user receives a date offer from another person and he/she doesn”t like it, the offer can be modified and sent back to the sender.
On top of all this, a user can also skip the chat and jump directly to the date – Needless to say, TryMeet offers the utmost convenience to its users.
How TryMeet Works
-Create an interesting profile
-Find the match without swiping through hundreds of profiles
-Chat with the person prior to sending a date invitation or make it more interesting by directly sending a date invitation
-Send a detailed date offer to the person whom you want to meet
-Receive date offers from others (accept, edit or decline the offer – it is entirely up to you)
TryMeet Sweetens the Deal for the User
Given the fact that other dating apps focus only on creating matches, TryMeet took an opposite approach to creating dates and not matches. But this is not the only best service that TryMeet offers to its esteemed users, it also arranges the date once it is accepted. This means that the user has nothing to worry about how the date would proceed or anything about necessary arrangements – TryMeet will take care of that in a very profound, diligent, and professional manner.

All in all, it can be said that TryMeet is a refreshing addition to the online dating market. The app is new but is definitely showing all the mature signs that are indicating that it will capture the wider audience in the near future. With a mission to empower individuals to be bold in their pursuit of love and happiness, TryMeet has certainly embarked on a prosperous journey.

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