Wilton Products for Baking Fans available in Germany

March 23, 2018 – Germany, Cologne: Today, Keyk.de, an online baking supplies shop based out of Germany offers hundreds of Wilton products to customers across Europe. Since establishing the company in 2015, the company has expanded its product offering to cake pans, modeling tools, decorating tips, fondant and food coloring. Through their effective promotions across social networks and instructional videos on YouTube, the company reaches out to local and global baking fans.

The company’s recent success can be attributed to the effective instructions offered through YouTube videos. With over 800,000 views on their videos, Keyk.de offers advice on how to use Wilton’s and other baking products. The company showcases pastry tips to decorate cupcakes and cake pans to create trendy cakes, including the current unicorn cake trend. A sample display of an instructional post and video using Wilton’s Horse Cake Pan is available here: https://www.keyk.de/en/blog/baking-recipes-and-ideas/unicorn-cake-wilton-horse-cake-pan

Through Keyk.de’s wide internet reach, baking fans across Europe become more familiar with Wilton’s products and are able to purchase the great products here rather than importing the product from abroad. “Our customers don’t have to worry about import duties, when purchasing Wilton products from us”, says Sarah. German authorities have strict rules on purchasing products from abroad. Often a visit to the local customs office with an invoice is required and a local sales tax is charged on the invoice amount. “We are able to save our customers are a big headache while still offering products at a competitive price.”

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50999 Cologne
E:Mail: info@keyk.de
Web: https://www.keyk.de

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