Sound Upgrade for Factory Systems – AXTON DSP Amplifiers

Sound Upgrade for Factory Systems – AXTON DSP Amplifiers

Professional sound thanks to a sound processor, convenient control via mobile phone app, Bluetooth music streaming, attractive price – AXTON’s new power amps A540DSP and A590DSP are the optimum sound upgrade for OEM radios.

With its compact DSP amplifiers the car hifi specialist AXTON already has been a trendsetter for years in the area of Plug & Play upgrades for factory systems. With their performance, comprehensive features and simple operation via smartphone app as well as the attractive price AXTON’s DSP power amps have been able to excite users and the trade alike. With two new 4-channel power amps AXTON is now systematically upgrading this winning amplifier design. The A540DSP and A590DSP do not only offer a more advanced DSP amplifier technology, but also the possibility of streaming music to the amps over Bluetooth.

The difference from many DSP amplifiers, where the user must inconveniently connect a notebook to tune audio values in the DSP OSD or buy an additional remote control, it is the ease of use which is paramount with the new AXTON generation. Control of the DSP takes place via Bluetooth and a free app for both iOS and Android smartphones. This app shows and allows to control all DSP based functions so that even newcomers can make the DSP settings without previous knowledge.

The digital sound processor has all the useful tools like time alignment, freely configurable frequency filters (6/12/18/24 dB), channel gain controller, a freely configurable parametric 31-band equalizer for each channel and 5-band EQ for the subwoofer channel.
Once you have tuned the sound to the vehicle acoustics and your personal preferences, the settings can be saved in the amplifier and on the smartphone.

A second integrated Bluetooth interface allows you to stream your own music collection very easily to the amp. Just connect your smartphone to the amp, press PLAY – and the music starts. Thus the music collection on the smartphone is always available over a wireless connection, even if the radio has no appropriate input interface.

AXTON’s new DSP amplifier series opens up previously unknown sound dimensions, while offering outstanding performance. Thanks to the latest class D digital amplifier technology, heat build-up and current draw of the amps are always under control, efficient heat dissipation is provided by the aluminum housing: just 145 x 40 x 114 mm (for A540DSP) and 185 x 40 x 114 mm (for A590DSP).
Both models are ideal for purist car hifi installations, offering several application options thanks to the plug and play connection, including Auto turn-on/off and the integrated 5-channel DSP controlled preamp outputs. The 4-channel amplifier A590DSP is stable into 2 ohm loads, which increases the area of use for certain factory systems.

AXTON’s amplifiers are connected to the original radio using the 1.5 m long ISO standard cable supplied, and can be installed out of sight at various places in the vehicle. Furthermore, there are numerous optional plug and play connection cables for diverse vehicles from Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, BMW, Mini, Mercedes, Ford and Opel, as well as Kia, Hyundai, Nissan and Peugeot.

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