CEBIT’18: Visitors at ecoDMS Booth Thrilled by Automated Document Processes

ecoDMS GmbH inspires CEBIT visitors with new, affordable archive, email and workflow systems.

Aachen, June 2018. ecoDMS GmbH takes stock of the exhibition week at CEBIT 2018 in Hanover. Even though the number of visitors to the exhibition was lower compared with previous years, booth no D58 in hall 5 enjoyed a big crowd and many interesting conversations. This was due to the great popularity of document archiving, automated workflow and email management. Together with blue:solution Software GmbH, Brunner Systemhaus GmbH, Intellekta GmbH, aconitas GmbH, Grothe IT Service GmbH and Brother International GmbH, the company from Aachen appealed to the zeitgeist of visitors. Software at fair prices with full functionality, qualified service and cross-platform operability convinced visitors all along the line.

The 90 sqm booth truly inspired both visitors and exhibitors. The booth was built and designed by “MeRaum” (, a company also located in the Aachen region. With a well thought-out design the booth builder succeeded in creating a unique booth that was well worth seeing.

And there was a lot to see: For the first time, ecoDMS fans had the opportunity to gain an insight into the new Major release of the successful archiving solution “ecoDMS”. The brand-new web client with full functionality and adjustable interface for computer, laptops, smart phones and tablets brought a big smile to the faces of testers at the booth. Scanning, archiving, managing and retrieving all files and documents turns into childsplay for everyone – and from the next version onwards it will be entirely “mobile”. Already users are looking forward to the release of the new ecoDMS version at the end of the year.

In addition, ecoDMS GmbH announced ecoSAM at the event, a great software for automating processes within the document archive in the optimum way. ecoSAM extends the ecoDMS document management system from the next version onwards with a very practical automation function.

The brand-new workflow engine was also well-received. With ecoWORKFLOW, the company from Aachen will be offering increased automation potential in the near future. The open workflow system allows the automation of any number of processes within and outside of the ecoDMS archive. This will offer companies total flexibility when creating their automated workflow processes. ecoWORKFLOW saves valuable time and provides businesses with a modern, low-price tool for optimizing and simplifying internal processes. Using concrete examples, visitors were able to admire the first workflows live.

Another highlight on the booth was the legally compliant archiving of emails. With ecoMAILZ, the IT company presented a low-cost, easy to operate and comprehensive archiving software for all types of emails. Automatic saving of emails is simple and quick with ecoMAILZ.

The co-exhibitors on the booth also excited visitors and held some highly interesting conversations. All partners convinced visitors with their individual solutions. Grothe IT Service GmbH focuses on workflow implementations for ecoDMS, which the company successfully demonstrated at CEBIT. Brunner Systemhaus GmbH has created an interface for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This can be used to connect sales and purchasing processes, a solution that was very popular with visitors. A DATEV connection with ecoDMS has been implemented by Intellekta GmbH. At the booth, visitors were able to admire the new interface live. “blue:solution software GmbH” offers a comprehensive GoBD-compliant financial software solution to construction-related companies due to the close connection to ecoDMS. The company was able to score with visitors at the booth with this solution. Scanner services provider “Brother International GmbH” was also at the booth offering matching scanner solutions.

All in all, CEBIT 2018 was a successful exhibition for ecoDMS GmbH and its partners. The products and innovations were very well accepted by visitors. The exhibition proved that the “Digitalization and Archiving” topic is becoming increasingly important in business. ecoDMS GmbH and its partners absolutely fulfilled the expectations of visitors to their booth with unique concepts, fair prices and professional software.

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