biolitec®: Risk patients benefit from laser channel technology for BPH

Laser channel technology with biolitec® lasers successfully applied to treat in high-risk patients in Japan – Gentle, safe, fast, few side effects – Excellent hemostasis with fast, residue-free ablation

Jena, July 11th, 2018 – The minimally invasive laser treatment LIFE (Laser Induced Flow Enhancement) by medical laser pioneer biolitec biomedical technology GmbH with its channel technology is particularly well suited for the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia in high-risk patients. This is due to the optimal wavelength of the biolitec® laser (980 nm and 1470 nm) and to the special properties of the TWISTER and XCAVATOR® laser fibers, also specially developed by biolitec®. These are currently one of the gentlest, safest and fastest laser treatments with the fewest side effects and are therefore particularly suitable for high-risk patients. The channel technology offers the possibility of removing the tissue of the urinary tract of the prostate from the inside in a targeted manner without leaving any residue.

The biolitec® laser was one of the first lasers on the market with a wavelength of 980 nm and 1470 nm. This wavelength offers the highest absorption in water and hemoglobin and consequently enables excellent hemostasis. Less bleeding during the procedure improves visibility in the surgical area.
The TWISTER and XCAVATOR® laser fibers stand out due to their enlarged contact area and a special coating on the fiber tip, which enables faster ablation and more precise fiber guidance. The biolitec® fibers also work in contact mode. This significantly reduces the coagulation zone (smaller than 1 mm) and the bladder and surrounding tissue are protected, incontinence and sexual dysfunction are usually avoided.

The LIFE method has proven itself among other things in the treatment of high-risk patients. Urologists at Harasanshin Hospital Fukuoka in Japan have helped to develop this special channel technique and have operated on 26 patients who either suffer from diabetes and/or need to take anticoagulants. In addition, all patients had large prostates (on average over 100 to 200 g).

Doctors at Harasanshin Hospital Fukuoka were able to operate much faster than with conventional procedures – one hour on average – and to reach a large cavity without having to remove the tissue completely. The side effects, such as swelling, dysuria or retention, which are particularly common in large glands, did not occur. In addition, the treating physicians were enthusiastic about the good manageability and quality of the biolitec® laser system.

Further information on biolitec® lasers and special fibers as well as the possibilities of participating in workshops for doctors can be found on the website Interested patients can find out more about doctors who use the LIFE method at

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