CryptoSecure Free Transfers Target PayPal and Western Union

CryptoSecure to disrupt the Remittance Market offering FREE instant global money transfers for crypto and fiat currencies.

BELIZE CITY, BELIZE June 11, 2018 – (through its service operator Crypto Investor, Inc.) announces the launch of its ground-breaking fiat and cryptocurrency wallet, available free as from this week at:

The Wallet can be used for cryptocurrencies immediately.

After distribution of the Wallet debit cards in Q3, 2018 they are positioned to disrupt the global remittance market with instant FREE money transfers.

The May Special Report in Economist Magazine advised the average cost of sending $200 is between 7.2% to 9.1% and that the UN Sustainable Development priority is to see 3% cost. CryptoSecure cuts these fees to zero.

This $500 billion per year market is dominated by parties including Western Union, Pay Pal, and MoneyGram and promoted as holding significant potential for blockchain innovation, but scalability, security, and compliance issues have not been successfully resolved.

The CryptoSecure Platform incorporates and integrates blockchain, leading-edge unprecedented security, and industry-proven trusted wallets processing transactions at 1,000s per second since 2003, and using distributed ledgers since 2007 for billions of dollars.

The CryptoSecure Wallet transaction processing speed overcomes the blockchain scalability roadblock that many have been trying to resolve:

– PayPal only recently applied for a patent to speed virtual currency transactions
– Crypto projects OmiseGo, Cypherium, Lightning Network, Lightning Labs, Acinq, TIM, and others

are all working on scalability solutions.

The CryptoSecure Wallets and Debit Cards feature:

-FREE instant currency transfers – domestic or international
-Real-time conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat currencies
-Use at ATMs and for purchases online or in stores worldwide
-Use in the Platform Cryptocurrency Exchange (launching Q4 2018)
-Ultra-secure and compliant with KYC, AML, BSA, CFTC, FATCA, etc.
-Single sign-on seamlessly incorporates 3F Authentication. No identity theft or need to remember private keys, use multiple wallets, addresses or logins
-Monitored, regulated, and audited independently by third-party industry leaders
-Mobile app launching Q4 2018

A major global marketing initiative offering value incentives for CryptoSecure Wallets adoption is scheduled to commence following the Wallet market release.

CryptoSecure Platform

The Platform encompasses technologies provided and/or integrated through relationships with its Technical Team, Key Capital (OTC Pink: KCPC), Jentu Technologies, Quantus, and preCharge. The Platform”s strong security is delivered through layered protocols that include access control, network security solutions, Proof of Identity, Authority, and Stake. This security is further enhanced through deployment of Jentu software providing unprecedented security of CryptoSecure data and transactions by, ensuring that hackers have nothing to hack, and providing instant mitigation of any ransomware, viruses, trojans, botnets and other malware.

About CryptoSecure delivers the world”s first operational ultra-secure, scalable, commercial fiat and cryptocurrency integrated platform enabling real-time transactions in multiple crypto and fiat currencies, ATM access, FREE global money transfers, physical store or online purchasing, and trading on the world”s first cybersecurity-guaranteed cryptocurrency Exchange offering replacement of cryptocurrencies if stolen. See


The CryptoSecure ICO closes on June 30, 2018. Application for SECURE tokens is through exchange for BTC, ETH, LTC, BTC Cash, ETH Classic, or Dash. For details and updated website and whitepaper see:

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