Side channel blower – Adjust the limitation valves professionally

Limit valves are essential for the safe operation of side channel blowers. Side channel blowers operate in suction mode and in pressure mode. Secure limit valves.

The safety valve (limiting valve F) described here by SKVTechnik can be used both as a pressure limiting valve and for operation as a vacuum limiting valve. It is delivered not parameterized in the factory and must therefore be set by the customer before use.

Why is it important to use a limit valve?
Side channel blowers are valuable devices that usually run in continuous operation and unattended. If the suction or pressure channel is closed, then the side channel blower motors continue to work and build up enormous pressure. The force can not be carried away with the air and the rotor presses more and more against the compression. The rotor blades twist. If necessary, the device heats up so much during this process that the winding insulation of the motor melts and a short circuit occurs. The machine suffers a total loss with a damage amount exceeding the replacement cost.

How does a limit valve work?
If they are correctly adjusted, the SKV limit valves act as a safeguard against excessive pressure. If the predefined pressure builds up in the machine and is exceeded, then limit valves open the airflow and the machine can release excess pressure from the system. The machine can continue to work and will not break. It is important that the operating point of the limit valve is correctly set to the respective machine.

How to adjust the limit valves of the SKVTechnik?
The limiting valve of the SKVTechnik is individually applicable to the different side channel compressors in the range from 0,2KW to 25 kW. For this purpose, the valve is supplied with two springs of different strengths. Each spring is designed for a specific pressure-vacuum power range. Valves VRL8 and VRL9 have the possibility to use both springs in parallel. Customers convince themselves with the supplied selection diagram that the valve is the right size and depending on the operating point select one of the two springs or both springs from the overview table (see also here: ,
* Remove the two plastic caps
* Attach the valve to the pressure bypass and connect a pressure gauge.
* Loosen the screw 923 (description enclosed) and reduce the spring pressure on the upper adjusting screw with the adjusting key supplied.
* Turn on the fan and create the maximum pressure.
* Adjust the upper adjusting screw until the maximum permissible pressure is reached (observe manufacturer’s instructions).
* Fix the screw 923.
* Opening the pressure channel.
* Carefully check the settings.

If customers have further questions for the use of side channel blowers, then they simply turn to the experts of SKVTechnik. A team of employees takes care of the solutions for customers and their plants. SKVTechnik calculates and offers designs for side channel blowers. Consultations on site are possible. Delivery times of 1 – 2 weeks or units on trial are normal delivery times.
Another major field of activity of SKVTechnik is the sale of side channel compressors as well as the sale of fans. Since 2015 SKVTechnik has been trading with fans from different manufacturers. Fans are highly individually equipped machines, which are usually adapted to customer requirements. When searching for solutions with fans, customers are most likely to contact SKVTechnik’s sales department directly.

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