Get on Board: AirHelp launches rewarding Affiliate Program

Because sometimes being late is worth the wait. Help your site’s visitors get the economical compensation they deserve for flight delays.

Berlin, 16.05.2018. AirHelp, the world leading flight disruption compensation company, now offers its own affiliate program to website owners and influencers in the travel and tech industry. Partners count on attractive commissions, fast turnaround times and professional support. With its mission of helping air passengers around the world get the compensation that is rightfully theirs, AirHelp offers those passionate about travel the opportunity of building up a rewarding business by helping other travelers. Do what really matters.

The program
As an official AirHelp Affiliate, you can build your own business fast by using the network of travel interested followers/readers you already have, and simply educating them about their right to compensation from airlines. Flight delays and cancellations are a common threat every traveler knows. However, most passengers don”t know that they can get financial compensation from the airlines. Each year more than 5 billion Euro are left unclaimed in the hands of airlines.

AirHelp recognized this market potential and helps passengers get the compensation they are owed from airlines while taking all the hassle of applying for it. As using AirHelp”s services is completely free of charge for all passengers, this makes your marketing even easier, as you are promoting a beneficial and free product.

Within minutes you can register on our website to become an official AirHelp Affiliate, and you”ll receive your personal affiliate link. You may either share this link on your social media channels, or e.g. add a banner to your website. Our affiliate team is always there to provide you the best possible support, and also offers expert knowledge to support you in your content development process, if wished.

Thanks to AirHelp”s 30 days cookie tracking, as well as live reports that will be available to you, none of your acquired claims gets lost and you can monitor your campaign success at any time.

Earning potential
AirHelp offers an attractive commission for each compensation claim that gets accepted by its claim agents. For submitting a claim, your follower/reader simply needs to introduce his flight details on AirHelp”s website, or scan his boarding pass using the app internal boarding pass scanner.

Once your follower/reader submits a complete compensation claim, it will be screened for eligibility within seconds, thanks to AirHelp”s use of AI powered systems. This way, you can count on a very quick turnaround time until receiving your attractive commission, once your follower submitted the necessary documents.

In addition to the standard commission for accepted claims, AirHelp also awards bonus payments for all affiliates that generate a large number of claims. Your commission as well as your bonus will be transferred to your account on a monthly basis.

To find out more about the program, please click here.

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About AirHelp
Since launching in 2013, AirHelp has helped more than five million people process airline compensation claims worth almost 300 million euros in total reimbursement. AirHelp has offices across the world, is available in 30 countries, offers support in 16 languages, and employs more than 500 employees globally.

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