Asahi Kasei starts green hydrogen demonstration project in Soma, Fukushima

Düsseldorf, May 24, 2018 – Asahi Kasei continues to strengthen its activities in the hydrogen business. Following the start of a demonstration project in Herten, Germany, in April 2018, the Japanese technology company now launched an alkaline-water electrolysis demonstration project in Soma, Fukushima, Japan. The new project aims at the development of a large-scale production system for green hydrogen by using power input from renewable energy sources.

Asahi Kasei started an alkaline-water electrolysis demonstration project for the production of green hydrogen using renewable energy in Soma, Fukushima, Japan. The project is a joint project with the Japanese IHI Corporation. The alkaline-water electrolyser is installed at the Soma IHI Green Energy Center, which was launched in April 2018 by Soma City and IHI. It features large electrodes, maximum electrolytic capacity of 120 KW and hydrogen production capacity of 25 Nm3/h. Green hydrogen is produced by only using electric power from renewable energy sources.

The project uses a large-scale alkaline-water electrolysis system having the world”s largest electrodes developed on commission by Japan”s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). Previous tests by Asahi Kasei have confirmed that the system enables high energy efficiency of over 90%. It furthermore features outstanding responsiveness with fluctuating power input which makes this system suitable for power input from renewable energy sources. The demonstration project is expected to verify the practicability of the alkaline-water electrolyser employed in an integrated configuration with an actual photovoltaic power generation facility. The project is scheduled from April 2018 to March 2020.

Intensifying activities in the field of clean environmental energy
Asahi Kasei will utilize the know-how gained through this demonstration project to advance the commercialization of an alkaline-water electrolysis system featuring the world-leading scale of 10 MW in a single unit, in accordance with the company”s strategic management focus on providing solutions to society in the area of clean environmental energy.

The demonstration project in Soma is Asahi Kasei”s next step in the expansion of its green hydrogen business. On April 27, Asahi Kasei Europe, the operational headquarter of the Asahi Kasei Group in Europe, started a demonstration project with an alkaline-water electrolyser in the Hydrogen City of Herten in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The joint project together with the Hydrogen Competence Center h2herten simulates the production of hydrogen from wind energy and contributes to the development of an electrolysis system for the production of green hydrogen on a large scale.

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