Uniquely efficient: simply renew ceramic brake discs

The maintenance service of REBRAKE makes worn brake discs made of ceramic new again

REBRAKE – that is the innovative renewal service for used and worn, ceramic brake discs of FOXX Automotive / REBRAKE. The service is the missing piece of the puzzle in the field of high-performance brake systems, which are used primarily in motor sports, but increasingly also in high-quality, series-produced vehicles. The idea behind the very complex renewal process is quite simple. Ceramic brake discs wear more or less quickly depending on the stress, diameter, age and manufacturer. Grooves forms, the surface gradually wears down. With the special REBRAKE process, worn brake discs are returned to mint condition.
Reconditioned ceramic discs have better properties than brand-new ones.

Depending on the type, renewed ceramic discs generally have even better properties than brand-new ones. Ceramic brakes are still comparatively expensive. The concerns that car buyers have:

– Are the high procurement costs worth it?
– What should I do if the ceramic brake discs break prematurely? After all, the replacement of a single brake disc can easily cost 5,000 euro.

REBRAKE provides the answer to these questions with a unique maintenance service for ceramic brake discs. How can ceramic brake discs be fully renewed? The process starts with the incoming inspection. Whether the brake discs are suitable for renewal is determined here. One excluding criterion is cracks and damage that extend far into the interior of the discs and thus render the ceramic brake disc unusable overall. However, these types of damage are rarely found. As a rule, there are surface abrasions and grooves, which can be removed very effectively with the REBRAKE renewal process. After the incoming inspection, the brake discs are weighed – this allows you to determine how much material has to be applied in a special process so that the exact target weight is achieved.

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