Museum-Domains: New Marketing Opportunities for Museums, Museum Staff and Friends of Museums

The policies of Museum-Domains have been changed since 18 April 2018:

1)Not only museums, but all people with an link to the professional museum work in general may register Museum-Domains. Museums may inform their staff about the chance to get also Museum-Domains. Example:

2) A .museum domain name has had to reflect the name of the Museum according to the policies.

Now museums can register generic museum-domains like If you register beside your museum’s name also a generic Museum-Domain, you get a second marketing tool to catch traffic and to get by more traffic additional visitors into your museum.

The new domains are distributed on the basis of “first comes, first serves” .

3)New domain names at the third level like are not offered anymore. The third level Museum-Domains, which exist, survive (with few exceptions). We advice registrants, who have registered museum-domains at the third level, to register now Museum-Domains at the second level like, as such a shorter domain name without dot between the first and second term is more memorable. Memorability of the domain name is decisive for the marketing of a website.

Hans-Peter Oswald (English) (German)